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If the Squadron gets the call, it's personnel will be flying out to Bosnia within hours. A handful of Lyneham's aeromedical squadron are already in the region. One of the team has just returned. Corporal Bob Pearson says the weather in Bosnia is not very good and is likely to get worse. Morale among the British troops is good and everyone is waiting to see what will happen. The AeroMedical teams are now waiting for a Whitehall decision on when they'll be needed. In the meantime, the Hercules of RAF Lyneham have already stepped up their workload to the war zone. In addition to the daily relief service between Zagreb and Sarajevo, 2 more flights are now leaving Lyneham each week with supplies. If needed, they'll also offer emergency evacuation for any casualties. # Good evening. # ANNE DAWSON # HARRIET RYLEY # (-) # JOYCE ALLIS/Widow # ROBERT ALLIS/Brother Voice over Tony Allis, from Middleyard near Stroud in Gloucestershire, was moving a disputed fence in woodland behind his home when he was shot

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